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FAIR? US Women’s Soccer Team Receives Over $6 Million Because US Men’s Team Advanced At The World Cup

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team will be splitting their winnings with the US Women’s team (USWNT) after their win against Iran. The men’s team earned at least $13 million

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Brunson vs. Adams: What Could Happen Next?

If you’ve been following the Brunson vs. Adams case, you know it has been accepted to the Supreme Court and awaits a vote to bring it to a full hearing. There is a LOT to this story, and in this episode, I break it down so that you’re up to speed. And I’ll be back […]


ICYMI ICE HSI, partners seize Mexico-bound guns and munitions Public assistance sought in reporting suspicious activity Operation Without a Trace WASHINGTON – Significant disruption to Mexico-bound gun trafficking continues under Operation Without a